The Axecatcher Academy of Adventuring

Graduation Day
(Or How I Got to Level 1 and Liked It)

No more early morning classes, no more midnight runs on the dining hall, no more 3 day "the-halfling's-dad-runs-a-brewery-so-we-got-the-hookup" benders followed by writing theses on the effects of warlock patrons on the psyche an hour before they're due. No, we're finished with all of that.

You're heroes now…or adults anyway.  Maybe.

Few knew what to expect a decade ago when the four greatest heroes of our time announced they were founding a school. Absolutely no one knew what to expect when they said it was a school to discover, recruit, and train the heroes of the future.

The world hadn't much need of heroes before the intrepid fighter, Armada the Axecatcher, charged into the General's valley encampment with her loyal friend the Naturalist, Emerich Elmwatch, and somehow held that forsaken army at bay. They had no idea that the holy warrior, Dorothea Dawnscale, would be able to disenchant scores upon scores of magically conscripted soldiers from all races of the world, or that the unassuming Fievel "Fullpockets" Favreau would be so instrumental in helping her. No, until then, the world didn't know how badly they were needed.

Now, with the peace restored, the world wasn't sure it needed such an institution either.

But only a few years later, there it stood. The Axecatcher Academy of Adventuring. Your alma mater, your training grounds, your home for the past six years. And today is the day you walk away from it changed. Today is graduation day.

Setup for today took weeks; there's never been a day like this one. No one knew how to hold a graduation ceremony for wizards and warlocks, rangers, rogues, and warriors. No one knew exactly what the banners should say, what the programs should look like, if the refreshments should be light, or even what that meant. No one knew how many chairs to set out, or if it would even be possible to get enough chairs in the first place.

Luckily, none of that has been your concern. With your dorm room cleaned out, your papers, practicums, and exams all out of the way, all you have left is to become the first graduating class of the Axecatcher Academy of Adventuring.

No more switching majors or lectures on major forms of dungeon switches. Just to wait for maybe an hour more, as friends and family file into their seats, some proud as can be, some utterly confused. Today will be the first day of your adventuring life.

However you feel about it, frightened, excited, scared, here you are, amongst small crowd of other students. Some of them talking with one another, some looking white as a sheet. There's one sentiment being shared that you overhear: "So, what brought you here?"

The memories play back in your mind. What was it that drew me here? How did I even hear about this school the first place? Did I even know what a sorcerer was? I didn't forget an assignment did I? What if I did? WHAT IF I DID




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